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Heartleaf Design
Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada
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    Winnipeg Manitoba, Canada
    R2L 0W1
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    Heartleaf Design - Modern and Whimsical designs in wire.

    The name Heartleaf came to me from one of my favorite flowers, the sweet violet. Here in Manitoba, after the long cold winters, the wild sweet violet is the first little burst of colour in my garden in spring. The sweetly scented flowers emerge along my walkway, releasing their aroma with lightest brush of your foot touching their flower heads. The name Heartleaf came to me from these small demure plants. Their leaves are a graceful heart shape. They bring hope and renewal with warmer weather in the spring.

    My first love is flowers and gardening. My second is creating.
    Handcrafting jewelry based on the beautiful flora and fauna of Manitoba is a great way to incorporate both.
    The physical demands of gardening are more difficult with my aging arthritic body. I was diagnosed at age 1 with arthritis. I work within my flare ups as I can outside. Creating jewelry has been a respite for my creative needs when I cannot be outside. My own hope and perseverance in the act of creating renews my spirit in the more difficult times.

    My love of the craft and positive feelings are very much a part of each piece I create.
    I am always humbled to hear how much people love my pieces, especially the dragonflies. They seem to resonate with others as much as they do with me.

    Created with love by my hands to yours.

    Owner and Creator
    Angela Moisey
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